Here are some of the reasons we think you should consider becoming a part of Grizzly Cage Boxing Gym

Our Reputation

Grizzly Cage has been operating in Calgary for 8 years and our club has gained a solid positive reputation for offering high quality technical training both at the community level as well as with our governing body Alberta Boxing Association..

We Create Challenging Experiences For The Whole

We create exciting experiences that are intriguing to the participants body and mind, interactive learning opportunities are offered in every stage driving results for your overall fitness and technical boxing skills development. We are not your typical Calgary Boxing Gym. Sure, we have a strong competitive team but we are really focused on challenging and growing ALL of our members.  Some boxing gyms are known to ignore their recreational members when it comes to corrective technical skill development and coaching.  So even if you have no plan to ever spar or to compete, we will assist your growth towards that end because we believe everyone deserves the respect to be taught authentically.

Professionals Trust Us And Refer New Participants To Our Boxing Gym

Who refers to Grizzly Cage? Physicians, neurologists, nurse practitioners, physiotherapists, recreational therapists, chiropractors, schools, government agencies, law enforcement services, immigration support organizations, and corporations.

Competitive Pricing

We ensure we are always staying competitively priced compared to other boxing gyms in Calgary.

Safety Profile

Some boxing gyms will incur more injuries in one month than we have had in 8 years. Are there people who will say “well it isn’t rough enough at your boxing gym”? Yes, and we are proud of that!  We train our boxers with strong fundamentals and defensive strategy-based tactics and skills that regularly win boxing competitions in Western Canada.  We believe these outcomes are achieved with reduced potential for injuries due to our philosophy around safety.