Silvertip Boxing

Yes, by age 50 typically “silvertips” have come out in all of us, but that doesn’t have to mean we lose our energy levels or want to have less fun! You can freely choose to spend or create energy despite age or even in the face of some diseases. Our program is designed to mitigate against the physical and mental challenges that age or inactivity can present to us by combining physical exercise, boxing skills and cognitive based challenges/tasks. With regular attendance and active participation you will not only see improvement in overall strength and fitness but you will feel positively supported by your peers and coach. In the fitness component, we focus on core stability, cardio respiratory fitness, stamina, flexibility, reaction time, balance, coordination and mobility.

You likely haven’t boxed before, but if you want to try something that is really fun and socially rewarding you could consider it a new adventure. Classes include a wide variety of cognitive challenge elements that have been shown along with moderate to intense physical exercise to be neuroprotective for aging individuals and for those with neurodegenerative disease.  Join us in fighting cognitive decline!

Moderately paced exercise classes focusing on improving participant’s functional strength and on increasing aerobic endurance. Primarily a standing class.

  • Little to no limitations to exercise.
  • Capable of doing 30+ minutes of continuous physical activity.
  • No significant mobility issues.

TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS      9:30 am to 10:30 am                    15% SENIORS DISCOUNT applies to all passes and memberships

MEMBERS:                                  $288.00 plus gst for 3 month membership                                   ($12 per class, with seniors discount $10.20 per class)

NON MEMBERS COST:            $160.00 plus gst for 10 Class Punch Pass – 3 Month Expiry     ($16 per class, with seniors discount $13.60 per class)

PLEASE NOTE:  We DO NOT HAVE A START AND STOP for new participants, the program is continuous so please REGISTER AT ANYTIME (September to June). We also offer an icebreaker session by request, if you prefer a more gradual introduction.  Contact Darcy with any questions by calling 403.992.8032 or email her at