Adult Boxing

A Progressive Boxing Program in Calgary

From recreational through to competitive! Some train with us to achieve incredible fitness goals and skills mastery as a recreational member. Others train with us as competitors of amateur boxing. Brand new to boxing and thought maybe you would go and “get fit” first at a gym before stepping foot into a boxing club? No need for that, ease into things gradually, we will guide you with modifications and varying levels of intensity helping you to reach your personal goals. Each class your coach will introduce you to new boxing fundamentals. The combination of bag work, intense cardio and partner pad drills will leave you sweating, pumped, and feeling ready to take on the world. We blend interval, core strength, and stamina training to give you that exciting workout you can’t get enough of. You can soak in the intensity or you can control it to match your individual fitness level while you are encouraged to progress.

In class we invite you to get in on the training action but not have to contend with the same risks that a competitive level boxer would. You will be conditioned and trained in a similar manner to a fighter, you will not face sparring partners unless you ask us to prepare you for this next step. You will however be matched up with working partners to practice evasions, blocks and offensive/defensive movement and strategy. Working the pads, double-ends and heavy bags will improve agility and eye-hand coordination while developing significant speed, balance and stamina. Technique will be worked on during each class. Mastering punches and movement is a glorious challenge.

Boxing combines both anaerobic and aerobic systems while boosting all aspects of fitness and confidence. The strength and conditioning program is geared to develop overall fitness and strength, fast twitch muscles, explosiveness and agility. As you advance in the sport, you will continue to work on mastering your technical skills while focusing more on utilizing strategy and ring generalship through more individualized workouts, scenario based training and sparring. Active participation results in a full body workout leaving you feeling energized, de-stressed and excited for more! You can progress through Grizzly Cage class levels at your own pace.

If you wish to compete, you will work your way through the levels and then with demonstrated ability and commitment, join our Competitive Team. Remember, at Grizzly Cage there is never any pressure toward competing, it is all up to you to pursue the necessary steps! Exciting Note for 35 years +: A separate division for students in this age category is another angle to consider if you have the competitive spirit and commitment. The competition rules vary slightly with respect to shorter rounds and larger gloves, let us know if this interests you! White Collar/Master’s Division Boxing is practiced worldwide and has vast opportunities.