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“A Fine Line”, learn about the difference one line can make on Saturday September 29th and you will become an active part of helping to support youth who are at risk. Grizzly Cage has worked with the Calgary Police Services YARD Program over the past 6 years. The training and learning atmosphere at Grizzly Cage expose youth to a healthy environment where they can pursue top physical condition, self-discipline and a more positive identity through sport.

The Youth at Risk Development Program (YARD) is a community-based early intervention initiative, delivered in partnership with the Calgary Police Service, Calgary Neighbourhoods, and Alberta Health Services, that supports youth who are at risk of gang involvement. YARD works with youth aged 10-17 who are currently at risk, affiliated with a gang or involved in gang activity. Youth participation in YARD is voluntary. YARD teams, consisting of a police officer and a registered social worker, work closely with youth, their families, schools and community agencies. YARD works to develop an individualized case plan that is family centered in order to help youth at risk avoid or escape the gang life style.

Between the great line-up of competitive bouts on our boxing card, we will feature and honour a special guest. This special guest is a young man who graduated from the YARD Program and he is willing to share his personal story of how his program and sport helped him to get to where he is today.

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